Manager of the Business Unit Global Finance

Pierre Palmieri was appointed Head of Global Finance in January 2012. He had previously been Deputy Head of Global Finance (formerly Capital Raising and Financing) since April 2008. Prior to that, he was Global co-Head of Natural Resources and Energy Financing.

Pierre Palmieri began his career at Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking in 1987 in the Export Finance department. He then became head of a finance engineering team. In 1994 he joined the commodities finance team, and in 2001 he was appointed Global Head of Structured Commodity Finance. His responsibilities were broadened in 2003 to include the mining sector and again in 2005 to include trade finance activities. Pierre has been a member of Societe Generale Group Management Committee since January 2011.

Pierre Palmieri is a graduate of Ecole Supérieure de Commerce in Tours.