SGSS at SWIFT Business Forum Milan 2016 – 25TH May 2016


This year the SWIFT Business Forum Milano will take place at the Centro Conferenze Bezzi in Milan, on 25 May 2016, with a focus on how our industry can effectively harness disruptive trends to deliver practical, real world change to the financial industry and its customers.

Our expert Hugh Palmer, Senior Product Manager – T2S Solution, will participate to the Conference like a speaker during the “Securities stream”, planned in the afternoon (2 – 4 pm), on the theme “Evolution or Revolution in the Securities Industry?”. Considering the new regulatory landscape, this stream will investigate about “what new market models are being developed, what’s the role of technology in these changes, if there will be competitive new entrants like in other financial industry and new service providers, and how far will they need to evolve to survive or expand in Europe and in Italy?”

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