Discretionary Portfolio Management

If your time is precious, and you would like an expert to oversee the management of your financial assets, Discretionary Portfolio Management is designed for you.

Your private banker and a dedicated portfolio manager will set out a wealth management strategy with you. Your portfolio manager will implement the strategy, monitor your investments on a daily basis in order to get the best of market changes according to your objectives and keep you regularly informed.

A wealth of services

We have developed a range of discretionary services to accommodate how you would like us to manage your investments. The services reflect your preferred degree of involvement, your investment profile, the availability of our advisers and the amount of assets you want to entrust us with.

The most accessible package of our discretionary solutions

Working with your private banker, you can benefit from our investment expertise by accessing a range of strategies, you will receive regular updates with clear and detailed information about your portfolio.

Access to a dedicated portfolio manager

With our Privilege service, you can have regular meetings with a dedicated manager who will explain investment choices made according to market activity;  enabling you to follow the performance of your portfolio more closely.

Customise your service

For clients with specific needs and constraints, we can adjust management solutions according to allocation and exposure  This service gives you access to all asset classes and instruments, and allows you to decide how frequently you meet with your dedicated manager to discuss the development of your portfolio.

The very highest level of information and contact

You are kept informed of any significant change in the strategic allocation of your portfolio, and important decisions concerning the management of your portfolio are presented to you once our internal strategy and management committees have met and before they are implemented. You will benefit from a close relationship with your manager, and increased flexibility in the allocation of your portfolio.

Building your portfolio

After a thorough exchange of views, we will identify your wealth objectives, your risk profile, investment time frame and any other specific constraints you may have.

We then define the most appropriate management offer and build your portfolio.

Essential portfolio management

If you would like to entrust us with most of your financial wealth we will ensure the long-term management of your portfolio using a diverse range of assets classes to optimise the allocation according to your objectives and risk profile.

This formula offers a balance between your interests and opportunities available in the markets.

Focus portfolio management

If you would like to take advantage of investment themes or to meet  a specific and focused investment need, our managers can build and propose the most appropriate portfolios.

Flexible portfolio management

If you would like a more flexible and responsive management service that takes full advantage of short-term opportunities in the markets, we can offer this as part of our Flexible portfolio management strategy.