Managed Advisory

If you would like to review and make the final decision regarding each investment in your portfolio but still benefit from the personalised advice of an expert, our Managed Advisory service is designed for you. The Managed Advisory service allows you to have a direct relationship with a dedicated expert who is available to inform your investment decisions.

Continuous evaluation of market conditions requires time. As part of the Managed Advisory service our experts will dedicate their time to monitor the markets on your behalf, identifying opportunities for your portfolio.

Expert advice

Managed Advisory offers many advantages:

  • A dedicated investment manager with a proactive approach
  • Continuous market analysis and portfolio tracking.
  • Expert advice to seize the best opportunities.
  • Advice in allocating and building your portfolio.

Managed Advisory offers a direct and guided access to a wide range of  asset classes e.g. equities, bonds, hedge funds, structured products.

Managed Advisory is an integrated service that allows you to take advantage of our best expertise:

  • A regular and personalised monitoring of your portfolio
  • Clear information with our experts’ analyses
  • Our expertise of all asset classes available to you
  • Detecting investment opportunities
  • Reactivity through risk alerts and appropriate hedging solutions