Prime Market Access

If you are an active professional investor and would like to access financial markets on a daily basis. Our teams of trading specialists have direct access to our dealing rooms and can provide tactical advice to help you enact and optimise your trading ideas and strategies.

A direct access to financial markets

In addition to real time trade monitoring and execution, the Prime Market Access platform offers you:

  • Real time information on  global markets
  • Real time execution of your orders
  • Access  to a wide range of asset types and products in one place
  • If required, leverage for your strategies monitored in real time

      Prime Market Access, your daily investment partner


      High quality service

      Instant execution and reporting

      • Orders taken immediately
      • Quick confirmation of transactions by phone and e mail

      A wide range of products

      • Currencies
        Spot, forward, swaps, listed options, OTC options,
      • Equities
        Equities, ETF, listed options, OTC options,
      • Bonds
        Corporate, Government, High Yield, Emerging, OTC options
      • Funds
        All categories
      • Commodities
        Physical Gold, Silver Platinum and Palladium, OTC options
      • Structured Products
        All types