Your bank for everyday transactions

Your private advisor gives you access to all of the services offered by a traditional bank. Using our online private banking service and the detailed reports provided by us, you can monitor the progress of your assets remotely without stress.

Our private advisors enjoy a wealth of international experience. Based on a personalised approach, they will develop the most suitable management style for you.

Working side-by-side with you on a daily basis, we offer:

  • traditional banking services,
  • online dialogue through Private e-Banking,
  • personalised tools to manage your financial assets.

Traditional banking services

From the issuance of a payment cards to renting a safety deposit box, through to foreign currency and transfers, you have access to a comprehensive set of every-day banking transactions:

  • standard current and deposit accounts,
  • payment methods: bank cards, banker’s cheques,
  • branch services: cash, cashing of cheques, foreign currency,
  • domestic and international transfers and direct debits in euros and foreign currency,
  • leasing of a safety deposit box.

We guarantee you confidentiality and the highest level of execution quality.

Online dialogue via Private e-Banking

Your time is precious. Societe Generale Bank & Trust offers you Private e-Banking, your own secure, easy-to-use online private banking space.

With Private e-Banking, among other things, you can consult your accounts confidentially and dialogue with your private advisor from anywhere, stress-free.

Using your personal digipass, you can log on to Private e-Banking to:

  • view all of your accounts and securities portfolios any time and in complete confidentiality,
  • access a package of financial services and receive a market update every week to help direct your strategy,
  • take advantage of our secure system of stock-market transactions on a limited number of markets,
  • maintain exclusive contact with your private advisor using our personalised secure messaging system. Your digipass generates a code that is valid for a few seconds only, guaranteeing the confidential identity of your connection,
  • place orders on a range of equity indices, and directly monitor around a dozen indices, including the CAC40, the Eurostoxx 50, the Dow Jones and the BEL 20.

Personalised tools to manage your wealth

Along with your private advisor, you get to decide the type and frequency of information you require. Through Societe Generale Bank & Trust you have access to the following range of services:

  • Institutional and financial information through weekly or monthly newsletters and brochures offering specialist advice to assist you in the day-to-day management of your assets.
  • Reports on your portfolio statements, providing a clear and precise breakdown of your assets and performance.
  • Reports to help you complete your tax return, if necessary.

Societe Generale Private Banking Luxembourg now offers assistance in preparing you tax returns. From our unique centre of expertise in Luxembourg's private banking sphere, we help our clients to complete their annual tax returns. We offer two types of statement: a generic statement if you are not tax resident in France and an IFUC statement which takes account of French tax regulations. Thanks to this service, completing your tax return is easier and quicker.