Investment fund and portfolio administration

SGSS offers a package of evolving services, designed to relieve asset managers of restrictive tasks and contribute to the success of their management business.

These demanding service levels have led us to bring together the best specialists in the fields of accounting, financial engineering and regulation. Our teams are very responsive and together with the financial fund managers they establish the most appropriate services package, which is adapted to their requirements.

Investment fund and institutional portfolio administration and valuation:

Portfolio valuation: our valuation teams record the transactions carried out on international securities and financial instruments that may make up the assets of any type of investment fund.

SGSS also provides the following services:

  • Legal and tax reporting services, consisting of drawing up regulatory documents, quarterly and semi-annual reports, annual reports and information reports required under the European Tax Directive etc.
  • Compliance assistance (or compliance monitoring), corresponding to monitoring compliance with the legal and contractual obligations pertaining to investment.

Transfer agent and registrar services:

These services cover the management of subscription/redemption orders and the holding of the shareholder or unit-holder register. They are carried out in Luxembourg and Ireland, according to the applicable legislation in force.

Corporate and legal administration of fund management companies and funds:

SGSS provides financial managers with advice and assistance in setting up and monitoring the corporate and regulatory aspects of fund management companies and funds.