Bonus share allocation administration

Bonus share allocation: a new way to compensate employees

The financial bill for 2005, provided companies with a new form of employee compensation: the allocation of bonus shares.

The allocation of bonus shares is based on the attribution of personal and non-transferable shares for an acquisition period of at least two years, followed by the obligation to keep the allocated shares for a second two-year period. This second period is subject to the holder of the shares still being with the company at the end of the acquisition period and to other criteria which you are free to select.

Implementing the plan

You are planning to launch a bonus share plan as part of your HR policy.

You want to entrust your project to a partner with solid experience in the management and monitoring of employee compensation packages and who can offer innovative solutions.

During the shareholder meetings period in 2005, the Issuer Services division noticed the interest generated in this new product, as many companies proposed a resolution concerning the implementation of bonus share allocation plans for employees.

SGSS, which is always at the cutting edge of innovation in financial products decided to provide a turnkey solution:

Our solution includes the registration of the shares in the name of the holders and access to an Internet service and Client Relationship Centre, management of the acceptance process and the processing of product specifics (acquisition and transfer dates for the shares, vesting, withdrawal and disposal of entities, black-out periods, etc.), as well a personalised multi-channel and multilingual reporting process for you and your subsidiaries.