Centralised financial services and transactions services

Securities transactions: a partner in administrative management

An issuer might launch an action that has a direct impact on its securities: an IPO, a capital increase, a public exchange offer or a takeover bid. Securities transactions can also involve stock splits, the allocation of bonus shares and coupon detachment.

The timetable for these complex operations is becoming increasingly shorter. They are exposed and visible as they concern shareholders and are subject to specific procedures imposed by the regulatory bodies.

Securities transactions are also increasingly elaborate as they can now cover vast geographic areas and border operations are subject to a battery of diverse regulatory procedures and tax regulations.

To guarantee smooth running

Your company is contemplating a securities operation and you are looking for a partner with solid expertise in handling complex operations under a tight schedule.

You expect your partner to be well established in the financial markets so that the information relevant to your operation can be optimally utilised.

Moreover, you want the intervention of a team of experts capable of meeting the international reach and requirements of your operation.

Issuer services are backed by the reputation of the Societe Generale group, a main player in the financial sector, and as a result has access to the same network of inter-professional relationships among the different players in the sector, both in France and Europe (Euroclear, Euronext, etc.)

SGSS uses Euroclear France to process foreign shares not listed on Euronext Paris in an agreement covering the securities of a large number of foreign companies listed in their original market and for all types of financial transaction: capital increases, dividend payments in cash or in securities, share issues or warrant issues.

Issuer Services will assist you in the centralisation of your financial service. It will also put in place intermediate bookkeepers and set up the funds necessary to pay dividends or interest in France or internationally level.