International employee share plan administration

Using direct employee share plans to strengthen corporate culture

Against a backdrop of a changing corporate structure (the arrival of new partners due to external growth, an ever-increasing number of subsidiaries, extension into new geographic zones, business diversification), a campany might feel the need to reaffirm its unity with the parent company in order to enhance values and underline and strengthen the corporate culture.

Our direct employee share plan provides a solution, as each recipient of the plan can hold the same financial instrument, in this case shares in the company, irrespective of their geographic creation. As part of a global HR policy, owning shares in the company is one way of unifying a group.

The direct employee share plan follows a capital increase reserved for employees. The plan can be subscribed to under the preferential French tax regime for group saving schemes.

From outline to launch

Your company is present in one or more continents and you want to create an employee share plan available to everyone. You want the management of your plan to be centralised while still respecting the cultural and organisational characteristics of the different subsidiaries.

You are therefore looking for a partner with experience, who can provide a solution adapted to the company is specific needs and who will guide you through every step of your project.

The three key aspects of your project are consultation, transaction, information.

A specialised team of experts will guide you through each phase of your project to guarantee that your requirements are met. You will then be given a personal contact responsible for monitoring the progress of your employee share plan.

The client issuer division is structured the international aspects of direct employee share plans. As a result, it can deal with local specifics (such as regulatory and tax requirements) using its international network, partnerships and the SG VESTIA subsidiary, which is based in North America and specialises in Employee Share Plans.

The client issuer division can provide an original solution based on your subsidiaries to optimise local administration of the plan.

Particular attention is also paid to reporting information relevant to the recipients of the plan and their transactions. Moreover, the client issuer division uses a secure process, adapted to local constraints, to settle directly with beneficiares of the plan in most of the countries covered by your operation.