Securities Services Management

Registered shareholding: for a better knowledge of your shareholders.

Under French law, securities (negotiable securities and debt securities) must be registered in an account under the name of the owner. This applies to all forms of issuing entity and to all forms of securities, registered or bearer, issued on French territory and subject to French law.

The issuing entities can themselves record the accounts of registered shareholders of securities which they have issued or they can entrust this service to a third party, which will take responsibility for the issuer registrar service or the shareholders registrar service.

Facilitating registered shareholder management

You can already entrust your securities services management to a third party which will take responsibility for the relationship with your registered shareholders.

Now you want to entrust your securities services management to a third party which can take responsibility for all operations involving shareholders and maintain regular relations, send invitations to shareholder meetings, monitor voting rights, and handle dividend payments.

SGSS is one of the main players promoting pure registered shares as reflected by its regular and active participation in meetings on financial market development (studies by ANSA, CMF, CFOMB).

Its direct connections with both Paris Euronext (Societe Generale is the leading Euronext player in terms of volume) and the central depository Euroclear France allow it offer an integrated solution including the processing of domestic or international cash settlements.

Moreover, Issuer services have developed their own system specifically for managing pure registered shareholders, thereby providing a thorough and high-quality bookkeeping service which includes Internet access, an interactive voice server and a multilingual telephone platform. Reports are available on the Internet.

Innovation is a key factor of our securities service offer: Societe Generale was the first to offer the remote transmission of BRN (Bordereau à Référence Nominative/Statement of Registered References). Our constantly developing service now means that we can help you identify your international shareholders to improve your awareness of your securities’ holders.