Shareholder meetings services

The shareholder meeting is an essential moment in your communication strategy

The shareholder meeting is a special time for both the company and the shareholder to exchange views and information. This public-relations event, which seems to boil down to a single service provided on the day of the meeting, is in fact the ulmination of a series of procedures prepared and implemented much earlier on.

The shareholder meeting is also an important moment as it is a decision-making part which paves the way for the future of the company. It is a “visible” event at which the result of the vote is based on the quality of the methods used.

Event management

You are a French company seeking the assistance of an experienced partner for the organisation of your shareholder meeting, especially with regards to the legal, logistical and organisational detale.

You are looking for a team of experts who can optimise shareholder participation requirements. You are also very aware of the importance of the methods used on the day itself to welcome and accompany your shareholders and to count the votes.

Finally, you want precise information on the result of the vote for each resolution presented.

Issuer Services has considerable expertise in the organisation of this major event for companies. At present, it is responsible for over 360 shareholder meetings involving the big names in the CAC 40 and the SFB 120. It sends around 2 million invitations for its clients and handles 350,000 instructions per year.

Issuer Services provides a team of experts and consultants responsible for organising a detailed timetable and carrying out the tasks relevant to the organisation of the shareholder meeting while reporting back to the company on a regular basis.

Issuer Services has developed a network of proxy solicitation partners which will help guarantee a quorum of shareholders is present.

On the day itself, everything is done at both the organisational and the human level to ensure that your shareholders are properly met and accompanied. Sophisticated technology, such as electronic voting, guarantees perfect control of vote counting and the notification of the results in real time. To this end, Issuer Services joined forces with its partner Feedback to develop a complete system using aerials, interfaces and electronic voting commands. This system offers a high level of security, which has been audited and validated by several clients.