Stock option plan administration

Stock options: a financial tool to boost employee motivation and loyalty, and attract highly skilled executives.

For management and employees, stock options are an effective and tax-efficient means of increasing motivation and loyalty. The allocation of stock options gives the holder the right to buy company stock at a specified price, by a specific date.

For a group with subsidiaries spread all over the world, stock options are also a successful way to strengthen the bonds which unite the group and to focus attention on a common goal.

Last but not least, stock options are a supplementary factor when it comes to preparing executive and management compensation packages, and can be a convincing argument when it comes to recruiting executives with strong potential.

Implementing a stock option plan

Your HR policy involves launching a stock option plan.

As a result, you are looking for a partner to guide you through the implementation of your project, from launch to daily administration.

The terms and conditions for exercising the stock options are of great importance to you, as is the compilation of relevant information. In addition, you want your plan to contain an innovative and progressive system of allocation.

Issuer services has used its wealth of experience to help French and international companies launch stock option plans in all shape, and form, from unrestricted to very exclusive.

A specialised team will guide you through the creation and organisation of your plan, after which a personal contact will assist you in the management of the different phases of the plan, and will supply you with all the information relevant to the plan in regular reports, available on the Internet.

Our services are based on extensive administration of stock option plans, from the management of the vesting period to the exercise of the options: simple exercise, put exercise, partial exercise or exercise financed by a company savings scheme. The transactions can be carried out by the Internet, by telephone or by fax.

Much our attention is focused on the international aspect of your plan and to this end we can offer you our international service, based on a withholding system using a deduction rate per country and per plan during put exercises and sales of stock options. We then proceed with direct settlement via a transfer in euros or in local currency.

Finally, our Canadian subsidiary SG VESTIA, specialised in the administration of Employee Share Plans (restricted shares, Employee Purchase Plans, Stock Option Plans) provides solutions for the North American market.