Foreign Exchange

Do your foreign investments and international development request regular flows in multiple currencies? Does your distribution strategy involve selling classes in foreign currencies?

Societe Generale proposes you several turnkey solutions in order to master you forex risk and hedge your exposures:

  • Automatic FX allows to automatically convert your cash flows in foreign currencies
  • Share Class Hedging allows to protect your investors that purchase classes denominated in foreign currencies
  • Passive Currency Hedging allows to protect your investments against currency risk

Our forex products range is flexible and allows you to choose parameters for hedging calculations (hedge and tolerance level, asset types you want to hedge, etc.) as well as modalities of hedging execution. Societe Generale takes care of the post-trade processing as well.

Our forex services are available even if Societe Generale is not your current service provider (custodian, fund administrater, etc.).

In order to satisfy your transparency expectations we will provide daily reporting on the executed operations as well as reporting of the forex transactions to the trade repository.