Securities Lending / Borrowing & Repo

Whether you need to cover short positions or lend all or part of a portfolio (fixed income, equities, convertibles, ETFs) to increase returns on your portfolio, we liaise with you to find the appropriate solution according to meet your needs.

Within SGSS, a senior and dedicated Sales & Trading team constantly searches for the best allocation of your portfolio on the market. This approach maximises your revenue and, as we ensure the recall of the securities upon demand, you are able to sell them at any time.

As your securities lending agent, we can lend securities on your behalf to a list of diversified and pre-approved borrowers. SGSS can also act as “Principal”, and borrow your portfolio on an exclusive basis or arrange, on your behalf, the exclusive lending of your portfolio.

Whether or not your portfolio is in custody with SGSS, we organise trades’ matching and settlement, loans returns, reconciliation with the borrowers and the custodian, corporate actions and billing, to ensure that the process is as trouble-free as possible for you. As we guarantee the recall of the securities upon demand, you are able to sell them at any time.

Controls such as daily margin calls, collateral quality monitoring and compliance with concentration limits are systematically performed at least once a day to ensure that your securities lending programme complies with your constraints.

We offer complete flexibility in the choice of collateral: cash or securities, or a combination of both.

In order to avoid short positions during the settlement cycle of your trades and to reduce the admin arising from settlement failures, SGSS also provides a high performance fail coverage programme which covers all European markets.